Guidance when
you need it

The right guidance at the right moment in real time

We recently told you about a new feature to help you submit your plan contributions through your sponsor secure site. And we told you there was more to come… the start in a series of new features designed to give you the right guidance, at the right moment, in real time.

Now you can find step-by-step guidance when and where you need it for the most common tasks on your sponsor secure site. For everything from enrolling members to questions about governance, you’ll see a link to a support page with relevant, helpful information to guide you.

Here’s the support you can now find on the sponsor secure site:

Submitting Contribution File – Step-by-step guides to submitting your Contribution file for regular and bonus contributions.

Submitting Contribution Listing – Instructions on how to submit your Contribution Listing template.  

Banking & Wire Information – Detailed information on payment methods for contributions and invoices, and how to set them up.

Enrolment – Instructions on how to enrol a member in your plan, plus information on Spousal enrolments.

Termination – Helps you terminate memberships in the plan, and gives information on different reasons a member leaves a plan: retirement, death, etc.

Governance – Provides high level government legislation information and includes a section covering specific RPP legislative information, as well as a breakdown of tax reporting requirements.

And we’re just getting started. Over time, we'll be building a Training Hub to help you make the most of your sponsor site and continue transforming it into an intuitive workspace.