New on your sponsor site

Two new features to enhance your experience

Please share this with anyone in your organization who uses the sponsor site.

When we recently gave your sponsor site a new look, we told you we’d be working to add improvements, tools and features over time to keep making your experience better.  Here are some we’ve just added.

Guidance for Submitting a Contribution File

Next time you submit a contribution file online, you’ll find extra guidance to help you through the process. Once you click on “Submit a contribution file” under “Manage your Plan”, you’ll see a link for the Support page. This will open a new window with a step-by-step guide you can refer to as you go! It will also tell you how to set up a Wire transfer, if you’d like to choose that payment option.

This is just the start in a series of new features designed to give you the right guidance, at the right moment, in real time.

Over time, we’ll be building a training hub to help you make the most of your sponsor portal. So, whether you’re using the site for the first time, or training a new administrator, you’ll be able to work with the site with confidence.

More features are launching next month. Stay tuned!

Payroll Inquiry online

You’ve asked for this feature and here it is. If you need to check a plan member’s payroll deductions, you can now do so quickly on the sponsor site without having to run a report. Just follow these steps:

  • On the sponsor secure site, click on Select a member under the Search tool.
  • Once you find the member you’re looking for, click on the policy number for which you want to check deductions, if the member is enrolled in more than one.
  • You’ll then notice a new menu item called Make Contributions. Click on Your payroll deductions, and you’ll see the deductions for that member.

We’ll be updating you on new features and tools as we add them. If you have any questions, reach out to your Manulife Representative.