The truth about COVID-19 vaccination and insurance coverage

November 02, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

Recently there has been misinformation circulating on social media, raising concerns that getting vaccinated for COVID-19 could negatively affect a customer’s existing life insurance policies or valid Group Benefits coverage with Manulife, or prevent Canadians from getting new life or health insurance coverage. This is untrue.

What you need to know

Getting vaccinated for COVID-19 does not negatively affect your or your plan members’ existing life insurance or valid Group Benefits coverage with us in any way. Additionally, getting a COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t impact a customer’s ability to get new life and health insurance coverage with Manulife.

We continue to follow guidance and recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Canadian government, including supporting government-approved vaccines to combat COVID-19.

Help stop the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccination

Assure your plan members that getting vaccinated for COVID-19 does not negatively affect their existing life insurance or valid Group Benefits coverage in any way, or their ability to get new life and health insurance coverage with Manulife. 

COVID-19 resources for Group Benefits

For answers to questions about COVID-19 and Group Benefits, read the plan sponsor FAQ. It’s updated whenever new information is available. For plan members, there’s a COVID-19 Travel FAQ as well as a general Travel Bulletin. And our website,, also contains many answers to questions about COVID-19.