Introducing our new mental health & counselling services and EFAP in partnership with TELUS Health

May 21, 2024

Last year, we announced an exciting evolution of our digital health and benefits technology, delivering an integrated and personalized experience to support employees’ health with our enhanced Manulife Mobile app. 

We're committed to helping employees seamlessly navigate between their benefits plan and their care options. As part of that commitment, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our partnership with TELUS Health, our virtual health care program provider, to offer members more options to get mental health care.

Starting June 3rd, our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) will be provided through TELUS Health, and we’re excited to introduce our new mental health & counselling services. 

With these voluntary programs, members and their eligible family members have even more options to get faster and easier access to mental health support when they need it.

About our mental health & counselling services1

With Manulife extended health care (EHC) benefits plan, members will have access to confidential counselling at their fingertips. These new mental health & counselling services come at no additional cost to you. Based on their plan’s coverage2 , members can use their available EHC benefit to cover these services.

Learn more about how we are removing barriers and improving access to care with our mental health & counselling services.

About our EFAP

Our EFAP will continue to provide members and their eligible family members with 24/7/365 access to immediate assistance and short-term counselling to help manage life’s complexities – be it issues with work, health, or life.

If support is needed beyond their EFAP sessions, members have the option to continue working with the same counsellor, or choose another one, through mental health & counselling services for continued treatment. Based on their plan’s coverage2 , members can use their available EHC benefit to extend their care.

Contact your Manulife representative to learn more.

With a benefits plan powered by Manulife, every action can help build towards a healthier future.


1 Using our mental health & counselling services is voluntary; employees can still access counselling – or continue existing treatment – outside of this program without interruption and continue to submit claims to their EHC benefits plan as usual.

2 Coverage amounts, maximums, and practitioner types vary by plan.