MSK360 is here to help support plan members’ 360° musculoskeletal health

May 31, 2022

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

Did you know musculoskeletal conditions have the biggest impact on employers’ healthcare costs?1

Phzio’s MSK360 therapeutic platform provides plan members with access to innovative, on-demand resources and physiotherapists to support their musculoskeletal health.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added Phzio’s MSK360 therapeutic platform to our suite of virtual care options. Phzio is at the leading edge of virtual musculoskeletal education and support in Canada. With their MSK360 platform, plan members can access a wealth of on-demand therapeutic resources to understand and improve their musculoskeletal health. They can also securely book virtual physiotherapy at a preferred rate for plan members*. There’s nothing sponsors need to do. Members already have access to this valuable resource and can get started today!

On-demand, online resources to support members’ 360° musculoskeletal health
MSK360 offers members an intuitive online experience to help support their overall musculoskeletal health. This includes self-serve care options, information on conditions, and videos to educate and engage members. Here’s a highlight of what members can expect:

  • Self-Serve Care Options: Members can use the body selector tool to start learning more about why pain originates and investigate options for prevention and recovery.
  • Educational Videos: An extensive library of videos on body health, conditions and prevention helps members better understand and manage their 360° musculoskeletal health. This includes a series of exercise videos for specific conditions and education videos on body health and injury prevention.
  • 7-Day Challenges: Members can sign up for 7-day challenges to improve their musculoskeletal health – including to improve posture, strengthen muscles or target the core.

Everything is targeted to the individual member – when they choose to use the self-serve options and identify what is causing them pain, they get content and options that matter to them. Phzio continues to add new content to the portal on a regular basis. So members can stay up with the latest and get better engaged in their musculoskeletal health.

Easy and secure access to virtual physiotherapy - at a preferred rate
Plan members can also directly book virtual appointments with physiotherapists through MSK360. These services are available at preferred rates for plan members. Plan members can ensure they get these rates by booking through MSK360. Phzio uses advanced video Telehealth technology to securely connect with members in real time and mobile capabilities to help make treatments private and convenient.

Plan members can get started today!
There is nothing plan sponsors need to do. Access to MSK360 self-serve therapeutic resources is available to members at no additional cost. Members can book virtual physiotherapy directly from the site, ensuring they get the preferred rate. As a reminder, virtual physiotherapy is eligible under existing physiotherapy coverage. MSK360 and preferred rates are available to members now. We will be adding a link to MSK360 from the member site and sponsors can share the link to the MSK360 Portal directly with members.

Another great way to support members’ total health journey
MSK360 allows plan members to take a more proactive and engaging approach to managing their musculoskeletal health from the comfort of home. Because the physical health of members is an essential part of their overall health. MSK360 is another great way we can help support members along their total health journey – because healthy, engaged members equal stronger organizations.

Talk to your Manulife representative about MSK360 today!

* Virtual physiotherapy is an eligible expense for plan members with coverage for physiotherapy. Plan members get a discounted rate on virtual physiotherapy as offered by Phzio when compared to publicly available rates.

1 Workplace Wellness Trends 2019 Survey Report, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (2019) – Based on a survey of organizations in Canada and the United States