Manulife and Opifiny

Information for physicians and medical practitioners

Medical collection for absence and disability claims is going digital

Manulife is making it easier for you and your patients to submit medical information for absence and disability claims. A faster, more secure digital tool will help you give a better experience for your patients and allow you to invoice and get paid more quickly.

You play a critical role in supplying medical information to support patient claims. Reducing the burden of paperwork involved is a win-win for you and your patients.

Here’s how it works

  1. If medical information is required, a Manulife Case Manager will log into the Opifiny portal and add the questions they need answered.
  2. Opifiny then sends a notification to the physician, who logs into the same portal to provide responses.
  3. Plan member consent is confirmed as part of the process to ensure proper authorization.
  4. Opifiny then sends those responses back to the Case Manager.

Get questions answered

Contact Opifiny support :
Phone: 1-833-Opifiny (674-3469)

Benefits for you and your patients

Reduced time needed

You will see all the insurance carrier medical requests on one landing page and provide quick responses using fillable fields and user-friendly navigation.

Keeping records complete

Easy PDF download makes a quick copy available to upload to office records for complete record retention.

Get paid fast

You get paid by Interac e-Transfer® within 48 hours. Streamline your clinic’s operations by automatically generating an invoice through the platform.

Increased security and confidentiality

A digital-first solution, Opifiny has focused on data security and helps reduce the risks that can come with paper-based transfers. This can help better ensure patient confidentiality.

Consent and Authorization

Opifiny is compliant with Canadian federal and provincial privacy requirements. Patient consent is obtained to ensure Personal Health information is only provided with authorization.


Opifiny is compatible with all modern browsers. For best results, try one of these browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The portal also works on iPhone and Android devices.

Doctors can access the system without an account. Each request has unique code, which the doctor/clinic can use to access and complete the request.

No. Opifiny is a web-based portal. All you need is an internet browser, and you can access the portal from your computer or mobile device.

Opifiny sends payment by Interac e-Transfers®. Opifiny does not collect personal banking details. To receive payment , all your clinic requires is an email address (personal or business) and an account with a Canadian bank.