Digital medical collection for disability & absence claims

November 01, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

We’re pleased to announce an industry first - digital medical collection for absence and disability claims. We’ve worked with Opifiny to bring this new technology to our customers. Opifiny offers a digital platform for member medical info to be submitted more quickly, efficiently and securely. Our goal is to support faster and safer health outcomes by enhancing the disability claims process. It’s another way we can support health by design.

Here’s some of the ways this can help your organization:

  • Enhanced member experience: We’ll help make the member process for submitting a claim easier and more efficient. Targeted questions and quicker submissions can support faster decisions. A digital process may mean fewer trips to get forms completed. Faster defining of restrictions and limitations has the potential to lead to earlier and safer rehab opportunities and return to work planning.
  • Increased security & member confidentiality: A digital-first solution helps us to remove some of the risks that can come with a manual paper-based system and helps better ensure member confidentiality.
  • Greater claims clarity: Sponsors can get visibility on claims status and return to work potential faster – helping them understand and manage absence and disability in their organization.
  • Reduced escalations & explanations: Delays in doctors responses can trigger follow-ups to case managers. Opifiny helps get answers quicker and can support getting claims status to sponsors sooner, reducing the need for escalations. A digital on-the-spot solution can mean less time explaining to members how to get medical information to us.

Thinking different about how we deliver our solutions and support our plan members in ways that directly respond to their needs is an essential part of our approach. With digital medical collection, we aim to reduce submission time for a member, reduce the wait time for payment and offer a more efficient relationship with physicians. It’s another way we can better support members in their total health journey by thinking digital first.