Manulife joins dozens of organizations across the country, including the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, to support the Faster, Together campaign. The campaign encourages Canadians to get the COVID-19 vaccine. That way, we can all get back together, faster.

Research by Abacus Data, one of the organizations supporting the campaign, says 21% of people in Canada are hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine1. Faster, Together promotes vaccine acceptance and hopes to help speed the end of the pandemic.

Earlier, Manulife also joined the Ontario Vaccination Support Council. Its online portal provides links to key public health information and COVID-19 vaccine resources. And Manulife Vitality Group Benefits members can earn 400 Vitality Points for getting a COVID-19 vaccination. All these steps can help us move past the pandemic.

If you want to help spread the Faster Together message with your staff or networks, check out these free resources.

Learn more about the Faster, Together campaign, and participating organizations, at