Health screenings work better at work

July 28, 2022

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t take good health for granted. But your members may be completely unaware of their health, or lack thereof. A recent poll shows that some two-thirds of Canadians haven’t seen their doctor, or saw them less frequently, since the pandemic started1.

Employees may have had appointments cancelled, skipped regular check-ups, or just got out of the habit. Whatever the reason, those missed appointments could have health consequences for employees, and business consequences for your organization.

You can get ahead of those consequences. You can make it easier for your employees to get back on track. Consider a worksite health screening. This could be an important evolution for your workplace wellness culture.

“A workplace health screening clinic is a great way for employers to help their employees take care of their health,” says Manulife’s Eric Pfeiffer, Senior Consultant, Workplace Wellbeing. “Employees only need 15 minutes from their day to get some vital information on their health and wellbeing.”

Running a clinic in your workplace is easy. “The first thing to know is that Manulife and our preferred partners will handle most of the work,” Eric says. “Sponsors only need to advertise the clinic and encourage employees to book appointments. This way it’s as easy as possible for you and your employees.”

Here’s how it works:

  • You choose the number of appointments you want (we can help you decide) and a room in your workplace to host the clinic.
  • Promote the clinics to your employees early and often
  • Employees register for the session at a time that is convenient for them – each employee screening takes between 15 and 20 minutes depending on which services you select.
  • Each employee meets with a nurse who takes their height, weight and blood pressure. The nurse also does a body mass index (BMI) calculation and takes the employee’s waist circumference.
  • Finally, the nurse does a simple finger pin prick blood test. This gives a reading for cholesterol and blood glucose*.

The nurse gives the results to the employee. This is a revelation for many employees because many physicians don’t provide detailed results.

The nurse will flag any concerns so the employee is well informed, and the nurse can provide a reference note the employee can take to their doctor. 

“It’s a great way for employees to take control of their health,” says Eric. “They can monitor their numbers and take action before they’re diagnosed with a more severe issue. This simple prevention step can help save on healthcare costs for your employees and your plan.”

And we’ll give you an aggregate report on what conditions are most prevalent among your employees. This keeps all the data collected completely private and confidential, while giving you valuable information about the health of your employees.  This information along with The Wellness Report can help guide your wellness program to help ensure it is impactful.

Health screenings are also a great time to remind employees about Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits2. The program uses behavioural science to encourage members to make healthier choices. They can earn rewards for workouts or even their health screening3.

“Employees can earn up to 4,500 Vitality points with their screening,” says Eric. “That equals 150 advanced workouts. It’s a win for everyone!”

If you’re interested in hosting a workplace health screening clinic, contact your Manulife representative.

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