Health by Design creating buzz in the benefits industry

We’ve started talking about Health by Design and the industry has taken interest. It’s a different way of thinking about benefits that we’ve developed over 15 years by finding innovative ways to improve people’s health.

Several media organizations have approached Donna Carbell, Head of Group Benefits for Manulife Canada, in recent weeks to talk about Health by Design. Check out some of the media attention:

Benefits Canada - A look at consumer-grade benefits plan technology, communications
Donna Carbell: “As a large insurance company, we’re always compared to the Amazon or Netflix experience. Our guiding principle as we’ve designed everything from our Vitality app to our claiming app to how you engage in our specialty drug care program . . . is about getting the information just in time for the member and creating an experience that’s easy for them to leverage and to get access to the service they need.”

Life & Health Professional - Taking a more mindful approach to health benefits
Donna Carbell: “Shifting to Health by Design really is an evolution of our benefits program. I think it is based on the belief that healthy employees make healthy organizations, and healthy organizations don't happen by accident. It really is a very mindful exercise and it's really by design.”

Insurance Portal - New Manulife model aims to help group members stay healthy
Donna Carbell explains how the Health by Design approach has been helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic: “It’s interesting that during COVID we’ve had to pivot and work with employers to help people return to work at home, using virtual ergonomic assessments as an example.”

HR Reporter- Connecting the dots of an employee’s journey
Donna Carbell describes how Health by Design uses the latest in science, technology and predictive analytics to deliver the right care at the right time. “Our whole approach here is focused on helping Canadians achieve and maintain their best health possible… our whole premise is really to engage members, engage plan sponsors, and [it’s about] creating healthy employees, creating healthy workplaces and, ultimately, supporting people on that particular journey.”