Products and services for mental health and wellness

Choose the right tools for your mental health strategy

With mental health at the forefront, sponsors are looking for ways to support employees, and to create a psychologically safe and healthy environment in which to work. Indeed, the statistics tell the story – approximately 500,000 Canadians miss work each week, reports the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Manulife has a robust suite of mental wellness products and mental health services available to help sponsors define a strategy and approach. These tools and resources span the entire wellness continuum, from prevention through intervention, including aids to support managers, who are key to successful strategy deployment across an organization.

The return on investment for workplace mental health programs went from $1.60 to $2.18 when companies had programs in place for 3 years or more.1

Products and services

Mental health & counselling services

Providing employees and their eligible dependants with more options to get faster and easier access to mental health support when they need it.

Manulife Employee & Family Assistance Program

We offer a full-service Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) in Canada to help businesses and employees thrive. 

Virtual care powered by Healthcare Online

Offering 24/7 on-demand access to primary healthcare practitioners via secure text, video and chat. 

Personalized Medicine program

Personalized Medicine is about learning how genetics can affect a person’s response to medication.

Stay-at-Work Services

Prevention and early intervention are often the best ways to address absenteeism, reduce disability occurrence and promote a safe, timely return to work when a disability occurs.

Therapist Guided Program powered by MindBeacon™

One-on-one digital therapy for employees who need help managing their mental health. 

Medical Second Opinion

Independent review of diagnosis and treatment recommendations quickly and easily.

Financial Wellness Assessment

This simple online questionnaire measures a member’s current level of financial wellness and – based on their answers and financial priorities – provides them with a score and a personalized action plan to help them improve their situation.

Support while at work

The workplace can positively contribute to employee mental wellness through offering suitable mental health services. Work provides a person income, daily structure, but also a place where one can develop a sense of identity, purpose and accomplishment. The Mental Health Commission of Canada says that

“The workplace can be a strong contributor to mental wellbeing, giving people the opportunity to feel productive and achieve their potential.”

However, if an employee has a mental health condition, they may find it difficult to perform certain job tasks, with symptoms making things more challenging.

You may notice an employee making more errors than usual, avoiding key activities, alienating themselves or others, or working long hours to make up for a decrease in their usual work efficiency.

By investing in workplace wellbeing programs, which include products that support mental health, you’re doing your part to ensure your employees remain healthy and productive at work.