Help protect your plan - Prevention is key!

Many inappropriate claims happen because of misinformed or misled plan members, or dishonest service providers. Like other companies, we have the necessary procedures in place to handle a fraudulent event when it happens, but the key to success is avoiding getting to that point. Here at Manulife we take a different approach to fraud prevention – a positive and proactive one.

What's better than a cure? Prevention!

When it comes to protecting group benefits plans, the best prevention is fully engaged, well-informed plan members. It is our priority to help plan sponsors inform their plan members on how to use their plan properly. We also work closely with health care providers to build stronger relationships.

Our approach

Helping you inform your plan members on how to use their plan, and working closely with health care providers is our priority. We do this to help protect your plan from misuse and abuse so you don’t incur extra costs.

Here’s where our proactive strategy really kicks in. It’s not just engaged and aware plan members that can help protect your plan. We want to help our clients work with professional, ethical service providers. So, we’ve created an innovative new program, which identifies providers who demonstrate ethical business practices, providing an additional level of protection for your plan. Read more about our Trusted Provider Network

Fully engaged, well-informed plan members help protect your plan. It’s important members understand that having a benefits plan is a privilege. And proper use of the program is an expectation not a request.

We connect you with the information your plan members need to make smart choices.

When misuse and abuse happens, we’re on it! As you should expect from your group benefits provider, we use state of the art data analytics systems and processes, sophisticated claims systems and plan design to proactively and reactively protect your plan. We have a dedicated team of over 70 prevention and investigation experts, who work closely with law enforcement professionals to protect your plan and your plan members. And we prosecute those found responsible for fraudulent activity*.

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Ready-to-use campaigns

Use these campaigns to engage your members and set clear expectations and standards for your company. You can empower your members to make smart decisions when submitting their claims, and promote a sense of ownership, encouraging them to protect your plan from risk.

Raise awareness of the common claims mistakes made. And the potential consequences.

Description Resources

Say no to pre-signing claim forms

Poster Flyer Email

Can you claim it?

Identify the three most common and wrongly claimed products and services that are not covered.

Description Resources

Running shoes under orthotics

Poster Flyer

Non-prescription sunglasses under vision care

Poster Flyer

Personal training under physiotherapy

Poster Flyer

Don't let others put your benefits at risk

Description Resources
Foster ownership of plan members’ benefits and your plan Poster Flyer Email

Share and protect

Encourage plan members to look for the three most common wrongly claimed products and services. And to tell us if they spot anything suspicious.

Description Resources
Running shoes are not orthopedic shoes Poster Flyer
Non-prescription sunglasses are not a covered expense Poster Flyer
Personal training is not physiotherapy Poster Flyer

Encourage plan members to be part of the solution and help stop fraud.

Description Resources
Misuse and abuse of benefits hurts us all Poster Flyer Email

How Claim Smart are you?

Find out how claim smart you are by taking our fun online quiz!

You can help protect your plan from misuse by making smart choices when submitting a claim, and by encouraging your plan members to do the same.

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