Employee and family assistance program

Help plan members thrive with an employee assistance program

The Manulife Employee and Family Assistance program (EFAP) is there to offer the right support at the right time to help keep members and their families healthy and at work.

We know that life has its challenges and Manulife EFAP is designed to provide plan members with a wide range of confidential and professional counselling, self-development, and online resources. These resources can:

  • Give plan members and their family members a chance to talk through their challenges
  • Prevent an emerging problem from becoming a distraction at work
  • Build problem-solving, coping, and resiliency skills

Manulife partners a recognized leader in Employee Assistance and Workplace Support services, to deliver our high-value Employee and Family Assistance Program.

The program offers:

  • Short-term counselling for plan members and their eligible family members
    • In person, by phone, video or online
    • To help them with issues such as stress, divorce, family issues, mental health issues, weight, smoking or general health issues, and more
  • A modern, user-friendly platform, accessible through any device
  • Easy access to online content, such as e-Learning, articles, videos and podcasts, tailored to each user based on their profile and interests
  • 24/7 consultations available

Manulife EFAP also support organizations

The Manulife EFAP also provides assistance to help organizations deal with unexpected situations that can happen in the workplace. In addition, people leaders and HR professionals can have unlimited access to online resources and professional coaches to get advice for managing difficult situations with employees.

Program features and options

We offer an embedded EFAP for small business and we have a fee-model program available to organizations of all sizes. Speak to your Manulife representative to discuss plan details and the best solution to help meet your business needs.

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