A proactive care model for healthy employees

Imagine a completely proactive way of thinking about benefits – using the latest in science, technology, and predictive analytics to design an individual health journey for each employee. Delivering the right care, at the right time, in the right way to help them stay healthy at work.

Health by design focuses on all aspects of an employee health journey:

1. Prevention: Inspire healthy living

The first step in any health journey is to live a healthy lifestyle – reducing the risk of chronic conditions that often lead to disability. Manulife Vitality Group Benefits, for example, uses behavioural science to inspire healthy habits. Studies by Vitality show that the program can lead to fewer sick days (about 2 days less days a year), higher workplace engagement, and stronger job performance.1

2. Intervention: Disrupt illness when sick happens

When employees are at high risk for disability – intervening quickly with the right support can make all the difference. For example, our Early Intervention Program, to be launched later in 2020, uses predictive analytics to identify employees at risk of going on leave. They get individualized care to improve their condition, to help them stay at work. This strategy involves a small investment – and may potentially save over $30,000 (per case) in disability costs a year.

3. Recovery: Guide recovery

The reality is, some employees get sick despite all efforts – and need industry-leading absence-and-disability management. Our Short Term Absence Solution uses end-to-end case management to promote early and safe returns to work for your employees. A study of a larger client showed our program decreased employee time away for mental illness by 19%. Mental illness makes up 70% of disability costs in Canada.2

Health by design is about cost management through keeping employees healthy, and acting quickly to intervene when sick happens – to help them lead better lives and be successful contributors for your organization.

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1The Vitality Group
2Mental Health Commission of Canada