Health by Design strategy: Melanie’s story

Melanie1 is at high risk for heart attack or stroke.

Do you know employees like Melanie?

  • Heart disease and stroke are the biggest drivers of prescription drug use and a leading cause of disability in Canada – costing the Canadian economy more than $20.9 billion every year.2
  • In Canada, 90% of people have at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke.2

Watch the video below to see how a Health by Design strategy can help lower Melanie’s risk.

Critical illness heart icon Critical illness heart icon

[Manulife logo appears on screen and music fades in.]

[The video then shifts to a woman named Melanie cleaning snow off her car. On screen disclaimer text fades in “Melanie is a fictional character for illustrative purposes only. Treatment and coverage options may not apply for specific situations.”]

“Hi there, my name is Melanie – I’m a single mom and I work a full-time job.”

[The scene shifts to Melanie walking through the isle of a grocery store]

“Last year, my company got a Manulife Group Benefits plan that gave me access to primary care, virtually.”

[Then the scene shifts to a clip of Melanie talking with a doctor on a tablet.]

“It had been years since I’d seen a doctor. So, I gave Healthcare Online a try. Good thing I did.”

“I’d known for years that I have hypertension, high cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes.”

[The scene shifts to a clip of Melanie talking with her parents.]

“I also have a family history of heart disease.”

[Then the scene cuts to Melanie and her daughter watching a show on a tablet while eating dessert]

Through Healthcare Online I found out that if I didn’t change how I was living – I was at a high risk of a heart attack or stroke.

[The video darkens and blurs. Icons representing diet, exercise, medication, and smoking appear on the screen]

“I wasn’t eating right, exercising, or taking my medication regularly. Plus, I needed to stop smoking.”

[Scene shows Melanie exercising and then preparing healthy food]

Then, Manulife set me up with a virtual health coach …

[The video darkens and blurs again. More icons appear representing healthy diet, exercise, medication, and a stop-smoking sign]

“… who created a plan to change my diet, manage my medications, and get me active. She also recommended a smoking cessation strategy.”

[The scene shifts to show Melanie outside and smiling]

“Because I listened to her – I stuck to my plan and my weight was down, plus both my blood sugar and blood pressure were stabilizing.”

“I had way more energy at work.”

[Screen fades to dark and a heart icon appears with a red line pointing down to signify the negative affects of not following her plan which costs her employer $45,065 for Long Term Disability.]

[A green line appears pointing up to signify the positive effects of following her plan which costs her employer only $2,268. Screen shows sources: My Health Checkup cardiovascular age calculator (supported by research from McGill University and the University of Alberta) and Framingham Risk Score.]

“Because I stuck to Manulife’s plan, my health improved, and my risk became LOW. All for about $2,200 in claims a year”

[The video undarkens and unblurs and reveals Melanie outside in the garden with her daughter]

“I’m glad my employer thought I was worth the Health by Design investment.”

[The Manulife title and logo sequence plays as the background music fades out, as the video fades to black. The text “The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife). Manulife, Manulife & Stylized M Design, and Stylized M Design are trademarks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it, and by its affiliates under license. Manulife, PO Box 2580, STN B Montreal QC H3B 5C6. © 2020 The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company. All rights reserved.” fades in. The screen holds for 3 seconds, and then fades to black.]

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