Imagine a benefits plan that doesn’t manage employee health with a one size fits all approach. A plan that offers an individual health journey for each employee using the latest in science, technology and predictive analytics.

We have that plan. Health by design is our proactive care model. It can help deliver the right care, at the right time to each employee. An individual plan to help employees stay healthy at work.

Health by design combines our pharmacy, wellness and disability programs to help improve your employees’ health.

Finding opportunities for change

Heart Disease

Finding opportunities for change

Support employees physical wellness journey, from promoting life style changes to managing medications.

A proactive care model

Health by design

A proactive care model

A personalized approach to health and recovery.

Recovery doesn’t happen by accident

Health by design

Recovery doesn’t happen by accident

Better health outcomes start with a better health journey.

Major Depression - Finding opportunities for change

Major Depression

Finding opportunities for change

Support employees' mental health journey, from promoting well-being to intervention and care.

Improving the health of working Canadians

Improving the health of working Canadians

Short Term Absence Solutions with choices to suit your needs

Managing short term absences can help you prevent long term absences and workplace disruptions.

Mental health – by design

500,000 Canadians are unable to work each week due to mental health issues.1 Learn about our approach. 

1 Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2015

Learn about mental health – by design

A health journey through prevention, intervention and recovery by helping offer the right care, at the right time and in the right way.

Manulife Vitality for Group Benefits

Behavioural science-based program to inspire healthy habits and help reduce the risk of chronic conditions that often lead to disability.

Short Term Absence

End-to-end case management to offer employees early and safe returns to work.

Employee Wellness Programs

Education and support to help employees focus on their wellness and live healthier lives.

Guided Digital Therapy

Clinically proven to help employees manage thoughts and feelings and build stronger resiliency through learning new skills.

You’re more than just a plan administrator. You’re a partner in your employees’ health and wellness. Because when your employees are healthy, your organization is healthy, too.

Here are some programs that support Health by design:

Speak to your Manulife representative to discuss group benefit plan options to meet your business needs.