Live healthy. Earn rewards

Living healthy is one of the best investments you can make. The physical and emotional benefits are unmeasurable. But sometimes, it’s not easy.

Finding time to exercise can be hard. Staying motivated can also be tough. And of course, there’s too much information on diet and nutrition!

But don’t worry. Manulife Vitality is here to guide you, so you can live your everyday in the healthiest way. And then rewards you for doing it.

Understanding where you are is the beginning. Knowing how to get to where you should be, is the key – so let’s turn it.

Manulife Vitality for group benefits members helps you understand your current health, social and lifestyle habits. And then rewards you for taking care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle! With a variety of activities, it gives you the tools and motivation you need to help reach your personal health and wellness goals.

Know your health

Complete your Vitality Health ReviewTM to find out your Vitality AgeTM. The Vitality Nutrition Assessment and Mental Well-being Reviews offer other insights into your health.

Improve your health

A personalized weekly target helps motivate you to make healthy choices to improve or maintain your lifestyle.

Enjoy the rewards

Meet your targets and earn great rewards from companies like Tim Hortons©, Cineplex® and Indigo©, Hudson’s Bay© and Foot Locker©. Reach Silver status and receive a 40% discount for a health and activity device at!

Manulife Vitality — making healthy living easier, and more rewarding!

Whether you’re just starting your journey to better health, or you’re well on your way, everyone can benefit from Manulife Vitality for group benefits members.

More information about Manulife Vitality will be in your group benefits* online account. Don’t worry if you don’t see it there today… it’s coming!