How finances can impact your overall health

When it comes to your health, there’s more to consider than blood pressure and physical activity. Your mental, physical AND financial health go hand-in-hand1.

There’s no doubt the pandemic has changed our daily routines—at home and work— which for some has created financial stress.

This stress can take a toll on you both physically and mentally.

Did you know? 

  • Stress is normal but prolonged and high stress can be associated with mental health concerns like depression and anxiety2
  • Do you know that feeling like we are constantly under stress over long periods of time can put ourselves at risk for health problems, such as headaches, heart disease, diabetes or weight gain?3
  • Chronic stress can also be associated with lack of engagement, distraction and take a toll tremendous toll on your productivity4

Take control over your overall financial health

You may find it difficult to achieve a healthy balance during this time. And you may be wondering how to manage this newfound stress. When it comes to your health you rely on your doctor to help. The same concept should be used when approaching your finances.  Research has shown that improving your financial health will also help your overall physical and mental health5.

Tune into our recent podcast with Nicolas Samaan, a licensed financial advisor and a regional leader of Manulife PlanRight ® advisors for tips to get your budget into shape. Manulife PlanRight Advisors are fully licensed financial advisors that can help get you the most from your group savings program and financial decisions for your life’s big and little moments.

Manage your health

Daily exercise and proper nutrition are also important to help manage stress and overall health 6. For your mind and body, be sure to check out these tips and resources from health and fitness experts:

The relationship between finances, stress and mental health demonstrates the importance of an integrated approach. So, when thinking health, think holistic! Even small changes can have a positive impact on your health and financial wellness.

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