Let the searching begin!

Your home is more than just a house, so make the smartest choices you can to suit your lifestyle. You know yourself – and your family – best, so keep these tips in mind as you hunt for your next abode.

1. Airports

Homes in the path of low-flying airplanes might sell for less because of noise concerns.

2. Subway Lines

Proximity to a subway line can increase a home’s value, but not if it’s so close that your dishes rattle every time a train passes.

3. Empty Lots

Love your balcony? Make sure there are no empty lots next door or that gorgeous view could become a new condo tower.

4. Schools

Good schools drive up property prices.

5. Garbage 

Thinking of buying a condo? Find out where the garbage chute is in relation to the unit – related noises and smells can send the resale value down the chute.

6. Grocery Stores

Close proximity to a grocery store can increase the value of a home, especially in the downtown core. Find out what amenities are nearby.

7. Next Door Neighbours

Proximity to an apartment building or other multi-unit structure (as well as that pub next door with the outdoor patio and brand new sound system) can negatively impact resale value.

8. Highways

Highway accessibility is a good thing, but it can also create traffic, noise and air-quality concerns for future buyers that could negatively impact a home’s value.

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