Help protect your business with one affordable, flexible policy

You’re busy with the day-to-day concerns of your business – but it’s also important to make time to protect your business for the future. Manulife Business Term life insurance is straightforward, affordable and flexible, so you can update your coverage as your business grows. It provides key person protection, business collateral and buy-sell funding, and estate tax coverage to help ensure:

  • The company you’ve built continues to run with minimal disruption
  • Your beneficiaries can cover capital gains taxes
  • You can act quickly to overcome business disruptions when key employees die


Pay level premiums for 10 years, 20 years, to age 65 or for life

Cover your family’s bereavement counselling costs up to $1,000

Get a cash advance if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness

Optional add-ons:

  • Skip premium payments if you become disabled
  • Guarantee your future eligibility for life insurance

Choose Manulife Business Term life insurance to insure yourself, your business partners and people who are key to keeping your business running smoothly:

  • Choose $100,000 to 20 million in coverage 
  • Save your money with lower premiums when you combine protection for two or more people in one policy 
  • Meet your future needs by boosting your insurance as your business grows without medical evidence or business valuations

Ready to buy?

If you’re ready to buy Manulife Business Term life insurance, or if you have questions, speak to your advisor. If you don’t have an advisor, we can help you find one.


How much insurance do you need?

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