Manulife UL

Universal Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance with the opportunity to increase wealth.

Your life insurance and financial needs won’t always be the same. Manulife UL provides ongoing flexibility and customization to align with your life changes.  

Get permanent life insurance that's easy to understand and manage. It's universal life insurance that lets you:

  • Enjoy tax-advantaged investment growth
  • Leave a tax-free legacy for your loved ones
  • Build account value you can access at any time (withdrawals may be taxed)
  • Choose how involved you want to be in managing your money
  • Reduce volatility by investing in a smoothed-yield investment option
  • Earn higher returns on managed accounts than the corresponding designated retail fund
  • Accelerate account value growth with competitive management fees
  • Create collateral you can use for a bank loan
  • Choose premiums that increase annually or choose to pay insurance costs that don’t increase

Plus, you can sign up for Manulife Vitality on eligible products and earn rewards for healthy living.

Do you already have a universal life policy?

A different approach to insurance: Manulife Vitality

With Manulife UL universal life insurance, you get more than just financial protection. We’re committed to bettering the health of Canadians, which is why we offer Manulife Vitality on eligible products.

Manulife Vitality is a program that rewards you for healthy living, and you can access certain benefits at no cost when you register your policy.

Looking for more?
Check out our Manulife UL with Vitality Plus plan to get valuable insurance coverage, plus access to the maximum-value rewards and discounts of Manulife Vitality. You can even have control over your cost of insurance!  

Here’s what you get with Manulife UL:

  • Up to 1% rate enhancement guarantee
  • Choice of a wide range of investment account options including an investment account linked to the Performax Gold Investment Fund, offering a 1% minimum guarantee
  • Competitive management fees
  • No policy fee and no life fee
  • Access to certain Manulife Vitality benefits at no cost on eligible policies, giving you rewards for healthy living

Ready to buy?

If you’re ready to buy Manulife UL universal life insurance, or if you have questions, speak to your advisor. If you don’t have an advisor, we can help you find one.

How much insurance do you need?

Explore our tools to make sure you have the right insurance to protect you and your loved ones.

Manulife UL brochure guide

For a closer look at Manulife UL, download our brochure. 

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