Help protect what matters most. Your family.

You provide for them in so many ways. But what if something happened to you?

There are many kinds of families, and many ways your family might grow. Getting married or moving in with someone, having a child or adopting one, or some other situation unique to you. Each of these changes can have an impact on your financial situation, and each brings new needs to preserve your financial security—and protect the future of those you love.

But what if something happened to you? If you got sick or injured, would your family be able to handle the potential loss of income? Would they be able to care for you—or pay for the care you need? What if you passed away unexpectedly? Would your family be able to able to deal with the financial impact of your loss?

These are the questions to consider when you think about insurance for your growing family. Now let’s look at the common types of insurance that can help. 

Types of coverage to consider when starting a family:

Life insurance

As your family grows and more people rely on you, life insurance helps ensure that your loved ones are cared for if you pass away unexpectedly. Your beneficiaries would receive a tax-free, lump sum benefit to use in any way they’d like, from paying down bills, paying the mortgage or tuition to covering funeral expenses. 

Disability insurance

Your income allows you to pay for your monthly expenses – from groceries to the mortgage - and support your family. But what would happen if you got into an accident or got ill and couldn’t work anymore? How would you be able to provide for your family?

That's what disability insurance is for. If you are unable to work or continue running your business, disability insurance can help replace a portion of your income so you can maintain your standard of living and support your family. It also covers more than just physical illnesses or injury, with coverage for mental illnesses so you can focus on getting better.

Critical illness insurance

With more and more people recovering from a severe illness, it’s important to have coverage in place so the loss of income and additional expenses resulting from a critical illness don’t impact your finances and your loved ones.    

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