I heard my last company announce “annual benefits enrolment” every year, but I only focused on health insurance and didn’t really pay much attention to anything else. I recently started a new job and when I was enrolling in my benefits, I noticed that they also offered Life and Critical Illness Insurance. I had never considered these before because I didn’t know what would happen if I changed jobs. So, I called my parents to ask them if they think I should get coverage. They said that unless I was planning on being rich, it’s never a bad thing to be covered. Especially since I’m under 40 and it’s still pretty affordable.  


I still wasn’t sure so I reached out to the Group Benefits Contact Centre who could help explain these policies in more detail. I ended up getting Critical Illness Insurance through my group plan. The insurance will provide a payout if I get sick and need help paying off some expenses because I’m unable to work. 

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