Because I’m single, I always assumed that I didn’t need Life or Critical Illness Insurance. That said, I wasn’t sure, so I decided to do some research. Since there isn’t anyone I’d want to make a beneficiary, and my parents have enough money to cover my funeral costs if something happened to me, I realized that I probably didn’t need Life Insurance at this point. That said, it might make sense to get Critical Illness Insurance in case I had to take time off work due to a critical illness. Then, at least, I would be the one to get a payout that I could use to help me out in whatever way I needed.


I decided to skip Life Insurance for now, but I did get Critical Illness insurance during benefits re-enrollment at work. I even got additional coverage through an Individual Plan to help cover my expenses should I get critically ill and not be able to work. Since I’m supporting myself, it made me feel much better to know that if I got really sick, I would be able to get some money to help me pay the bills while I wasn’t working.    

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