Specialty Drug Care

Can help manage your health and save on drug costs!

Your benefits plan may include Manulife’s Specialty Drug Care, a program that offers savings and the support of a nurse for individuals taking medications to treat complex, chronic or life threatening conditions such as: rheumatoid arthritis; Crohn’s disease; multiple sclerosis (MS); pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH); cancer; osteoporosis and hepatitis C.

Manulife offers Specialty Drug Care in collaboration with Bayshore HealthCare Ltd. and Shoppers Drug Mart Inc./Loblaw Companies Ltd.

  • Bayshore is Canada’s largest private community healthcare provider. They’ve been helping Canadians for over 50 years. Over 11,000 healthcare professionals work for them across Canada. Bayshore has a proven track record of providing quality community health care and specialty pharmacy services.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada's leading drug store retailer. Shoppers and Loblaws offer a comprehensive specialty pharmacy network operated from 1,600 pharmacy locations across Canada. Through its specialty drug expertise, network of health care professionals and prime retail locations, Shoppers and Loblaws are making care and medications more accessible and seamless to Canadians.

Together, these pharmacies support our SDC program and guide patients through their treatment plans.

Easy to use

If you have a new prescription for drugs included in the Specialty Drug Care program, a nurse case manager will contact you by phone to introduce you to the program. The nurse case manager is there to make arrangements for you to get your medication and to help you manage your condition.

Choice for dispensing and delivery

You can often pick up your prescription at a specific pharmacy or you can choose the convenience of having your specialty medication shipped to your home, direct to an infusion clinic or doctor’s office. 

Plan Members in Quebec

Regulations prevent us from offering a preferred pharmacy network in this province.