Defined contribution registered pension plan (DC RPP)

A structured option to help plan members save for retirement 

You want to give your plan members the opportunity to invest for the future and save–and you want to do this while managing business expenses. A defined contribution registered pension plan (DC RPP) allows you to do both, while requiring minimum employer contributions.

A DC RPP offers:

Tax deductible contributions

Plan sponsor and plan member contributions and investment earnings accumulate tax-deferred  until they are withdrawn, subject to federal and provincial legislation

Retirement income based on contributions and investment earnings

Assets are generally locked-in  and must be used to provide retirement income—a key consideration when deciding whether to choose an RPP or an RRSP

Our complete, integrated and affordable DC RPP solution:

Helps plan members grow their savings, often with lower investment management fees

Offers plan members options no matter what their investment knowledge or interest level—from simple to customized solutions

Choose your group retirement and savings plan

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