Group registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

Help your plan members save for retirement 

Attract and retain employees, without the cost and complexity of a Registered Pension Plan (RPP). A group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) offers tax-deferred investment growth, like an RPP, but it’s simpler to administer. 

A group RRSP:

Is a collection of individual plan member RRSPs administered together

Has no legislative requirement for plan sponsors to contribute, but you do have the option 

Help plan members:

Save more of their money for retirement —contributions are tax deductible and investment earning are tax-sheltered until withdrawal

Choose investments to help save for retirement no matter what their investment knowledge or interest level—from simple to customized solutions

Gain access to their funds to buy a first home (Home Buyers’ Plan) or for education (Lifelong Learning Plan)

Conveniently contribute through payroll deductions and save tax immediately

Build their retirement savings by matching their contributions

Choose your group retirement and savings plan

Speak to your Manulife representative to discuss group retirement and savings plan options to help meet your business needs. 


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