Reimbursing your plan members quickly and easily

Offer a convenient, digital claims experience

Making sure your plan members can easily submit and receive their benefit claim payments is one way we can work together to keep your plan members happy. With Provider eClaims, your plan members may not even pay out-of-pocket for health care services. Many health care providers can submit claims directly to Manulife at the point of care. Often, your plan members only have to pay the amount their plan doesn’t cover and Manulife pays the balance to the provider right away.

Manulife’s digital claims experience includes:

Submission—from a wide range of health care providers

Adjudication—typically while the plan member is still in the provider’s office

Reimbursement—to the provider or into your plan member’s bank account

Optimizing your plan members’ digital experience: 

Your plan members can benefit from faster claims payments and secure online access to their claims statements by registering for direct deposit and electronic claims statements through your Manulife plan member site.

Communicating the benefits for plan members

If you have a Manulife group benefits plan, ask your Manulife representative for an ePostcard and poster. You can use these communication pieces to share the benefits of your plan’s fast and easy reimbursement with your plan members.

Choose your group benefits plan 

Speak to your Manulife representative to discuss group benefit plan options to help meet your business needs.


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