Help your plan members live healthier lives

Positively influence productivity and engagement 

Wellness programs provide your plan members with education and support to live healthier lives and focus on their overall wellness. Research has shown that healthy living can translate into greater engagement and more productivity when employees are at work. With the right solutions in place, you can:

  • Improve plan member health, engagement and productivity
  • Foster a positive and supportive work environment
  • Manage costs to sustain your benefits program

Manulife supports your efforts to help your plan members improve their health with:

Personalized wellness programs

Wellness services in your workplace

Coaching for healthier lifestyles

Education and risk assessment 

Financial Wellness Assessment

Help navigating the health care system

Mental health support for plan members, along with manager training

You can take a practical approach to workplace health promotion by:

Designing a targeted wellness program that promotes health, prevents illness and offers professional support at critical times, guided by data analytics

Developing and implementing your wellness program efficiently, with an eye to managing costs and sustaining your group benefits program, supported by our Health Management Services team

Measuring your progress towards your objectives, such as enhanced plan member health, engagement and productivity, through rigorous program evaluation

Wellness services in your workplace

Bring wellness directly to your plan members with preferred pricing on bundled or à la carte wellness activities in your workplace:

Help plan members adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle with best-in-class, bilingual, national wellness services delivered on-site—for example:

Health screening and flu shot clinics

Seminars and workshops

Wellness challenges and fairs

Executive medical assessments

Fitness appraisals and classes

Adapt the services to your unique needs, working with our experienced team of wellness consultants

Benefit from the expertise of our leading health and wellness service providers, who deliver our wellness services

Coaching for healthier lifestyles

Tackle the risk factors for many common but preventable chronic conditions with confidential coaching for healthier lifestyles:

Help plan members make a lasting positive change by connecting them to health care professionals who provide:

Health risk assessments

Education and information

Tips and strategies

Action plans

Progress monitoring

Tailor your program by choosing one-on-one (phone or email) coaching, and make it available to plan members who are actively at work or recently returned to work from a disability

Encourage health through education and risk assessment

You can help people make informed health and lifestyle choices, be more productive at home and work, and raise health-conscious families by:

Identifying their potential health risks by completing a health risk assessment

Putting reliable, current health-related information at plan members’ fingertips with Health eLinks, our online wellness centre

Empowering plan members to take action with a personal health improvement plan

You’ll also have access to aggregate reporting on the health risks in your workplace, allowing you to design more effective wellness programs targeting issues that are a concern for your company.

Navigate the health care system with ease

Provide plan members with preventative, diagnostic and information health tools through Health Service Navigator® to help them navigate the health care system:

Find a health care provider, access a health and drug library, and manage chronic conditions

Get access to a world-class medical second opinion service

Offer guidance online and over the phone

Choose your group benefits plan

Speak to your Manulife representative to discuss group benefit plan options to help meet your business needs.


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