Customizable group benefits plan

Strategies for businesses with more than 50 plan members

Customize your plan to maximize plan member benefits while containing your costs.

Manulife’s group benefits plans for businesses or organizations with over 50 plan members are:

Customizable so you can meet your plan members’ and organization’s needs

Scalable so you can make sure your plan remains current and competitive 

Sustainable so you can continue to offer benefits into the future

Keep your drug plan sustainable with: 

My Drug Plan

Manulife DrugWatch

Specialty Drug Care

Prior authorization 

Preferred pharmacy networks

Reasonable and customary limits on dispensing fees

Mandatory generic substitution 

Managed drug formularies

Tailor your dental plan to cover an appropriate mix of:

Basic and supplementary services (such as cleanings, fillings and x-rays)


Major restorative services


Set deductibles and maximums for extended health care services such as: 



Massage care

Choose whether to include other professional services such as: 


Social workers


Sports therapists

Use health spending accounts to avoid locking in costs for health products or services your plan members may not use, while giving them flexibility to make their group benefits plan their own 

Choose benefits à la carte so you only pay for what you need—for example:

Life insurance

Critical illness insurance

Accident protection–including coverage for business travel and special events

Travel insurance–including trip cancellation and emergency medical care for plan members traveling out of their province

Benefits without Borders–provide benefits for your: Canadian and non-Canadian plan members working in the US or internationally, plan members returning from an extended period outside of Canada, non-Canadian plan members working for you temporarily, and non-Canadians working around the world for you

Offer personal insurance, giving plan members an opportunity to purchase their own insurance  for themselves, their spouse and eligible dependent children; and their coverage is portable

Choose your group benefits plan 

Speak to your Manulife representative to discuss group benefit plan options to help meet your business needs.


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