Learn about considerations for new businesses and get support in making the most of your options:

Costs to consider when raising a teenager

Make a plan to help you anticipate and manage these highest-cost years with your kids.

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Five tips to help you save for your wedding

Start your married life in a stronger financial position with these budget-friendly ideas.

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Four tips for successfully starting a new job

Ensure a smooth transition and successful start to your new job

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Organizing your important documents

Make things easier for loved ones and the executor of your will by organizing your important legal, financial and other documents.

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Single and savvy: Three tips to becoming financially prepared

It’s important for you to pay greater attention to your current and long-term financial health since you may not have other resources to fall back on.

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Six tips for keeping strong family ties with your grandkids

Tips for navigating family dynamics as a grandparent.

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Healthy finances lead to a healthier life

The stress we can feel about money can make us sick—but being financially prepared can improve our health.

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Four ways to declutter your finances to be prepared for the future

Get your finances organized – budgeting, managing debt, planning for retirement and preparing a will.

Set yourself up for financial health

How to find the right savings plan

With so many savings plans out there, choosing one may seem like a big decision. It's easy to find a savings plan to meet your needs from Manulife.

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Five steps to save for your child’s future

Save for your child’s future and help them achieve financial independence with these five steps.

Read the 5-step approach

How to develop a successful retirement income strategy

Understand investment risks and your preferences to better prepare for your ideal retirement income

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Seven facts new entrepreneurs should consider before starting a business

If you’re leaving your job to start a business, here are seven important facts to consider.

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Four financial strategies to get you through a health crisis

Four tips to help protect your lifestyle and your savings during a health crisis.

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Six tips for selling your business

If you're thinking about selling your business, consider these six tips to help your decision-making.

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Nine ways to keep your business on track for financial success

Make the right business decisions as a small business owner with trusted financial advice

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Health, wealth and work engagement closely linked

The connection between financial wellness, health and employee engagement: A 2015 study by Manulife and Ipsos Reid.

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Five steps to financial readiness for new parents

Five ways you, as a new parent, can get your family financially ready for the future, including investing and saving for your children

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Top mistakes to avoid when naming a beneficiary

Find out what not to do when choosing who will benefit from your insurance and investments.

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Help your employees bring their best to work

Read how health, financial wellness & work productivity are connected, and how you can engage your employees, based on a recent Ipsos Reid study.

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Six reasons to contact an advisor when you’re retired

Find out how an advisor can work with you when you’re retired to help you make decisions to meet your income, insurance and investment needs.

How an advisor can help you

Five steps to starting a business contingency plan

Learn how to set up a comprehensive contingency plan to protect your business and your family if you can’t work.

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How to choose a successor for your business

Help make sure your business continues to thrive after you retire by defining and prioritizing the attributes you’d like your successor to have.

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Four tips for transitioning your business to a new owner

Make sure everything goes smoothly when you transfer your business to a partner or buyer

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Six tips to help you prepare for retirement

Get closer to enjoying the lifestyle you want in retirement.

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Support your employees’ mental health

Manulife is an early adopter of National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

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Three reasons to offer employees a group benefits plan

Motivate employees in their jobs and help your business become more successful.

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Learn how to support a healthier workplace for your employees

Make choices to support your employees’ health and wellness with information from the 2017 Sanofi Canada healthcare survey.

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Canadians’ financial wellness impacts business

Nearly half of Canadian employees feel financially unwell, generating stress and impacting workplace engagement according to our recent study.

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Six financial planning tips for business owners

Set your business up for success today and develop a financial plan for retirement

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Five stress relievers for Canadian business owners

Bring your work and your life back into balance with these five stress relievers.

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How to stay financially prepared even when money is tight

To help you save money and save your loved ones from living with financial stress, explore bundled life, critical illness and disability insurance.

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Promoting mental health practices in the workplace

Manulife is Excellence Canada's Champion of Excellence for Mental Health at Work®.

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Maximize your child’s post-secondary education savings

When you’re saving for your child’s education, make every dollar count with these three strategies.

How these strategies can help you

11 considerations for choosing a group plan

What to consider when you’re choosing a group plan to meet the needs of your business and your employees.

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How to use your RESP if your child doesn’t pursue post-secondary education

Find out what you can do with the money you invested in an RESP if your child doesn’t go to college or university.

Consider a step-by-step approach

Canada Revenue Agency Resources for Plan Sponsors

Learn about the best practices for workplace savings plan governance, design, administration and education right here.

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Four business reasons to buy travel insurance

Four reasons to manage travel-related risks for small business owners.

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How to help prepare your employees for retirement

Four key ingredients group plans can offer to help employees feel more confident as they near retirement.

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10 decisions experienced business owners would make differently today

Study reveals how entrepreneurs would have advised themselves when starting out.

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Eight tips for travelling with a disability or illness

Tips to help you prepare for a great trip even when traveling with a disability or illness.

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Reach your financial goals sooner with a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Whether you’re saving for a car, vacation, renovation or any other big expense, a TFSA can help get you there sooner.

Read how a TFSA can help you

Choose the right options for your workplace savings plan

Use this simple chart to compare & select the right mix of group retirement savings options to offer your employees as part of your workplace savings plan.

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10 simple money management tips

Start moving towards financial security for your family with 10 simple money management tips.

Read the 10 simple tips

Stay fit for your health and wealth

Beyond helping you stay healthy, exercise can improve your productivity and your finances. Understand the connection between health & wealth.

Learn the connection

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How to plan & save for your child’s education, even if their plans change

Help save for your child’s education with a flexible financial plan that evolves with their career goals.

Read these three strategies

How to stay motivated while you’re on disability leave

Finding effective ways to cope with the stresses of going on disability leave is essential to your recovery and ability to return to your job.

Make an action plan

Ten items to take with you in an emergency

If you have only seconds to grab something in an emergency what would you take?

Read the top ten items

Eight actions to take when you’re laid off

A positive attitude and an action plan can help you after a layoff to reboot or rethink your career.

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Four financially-savvy questions to answer before you tie the knot

Start married life on a stronger financial footing by answering these four questions.

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Four ways to leave an educational legacy for your grandchildren

Contribute to your grandchildren’s education savings, and maximize your gift with these four strategies.

How these strategies can help you

Five big ways a little baby will change your life

Prepare for how life will change when you welcome a new baby into your family.

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Four tips when you’re going back to school as an adult

Prepare for a smoother back-to-school transition

Read these four tips

Five ways to get rid of debt

Five strategies for eliminating personal debt so you can do the things that are truly important to you.

Read the five strategies

Four benefits of budgeting especially when you’re unemployed

Establish a household budget to get back on track with your finances when you’re out of work.

How does budgeting benefit you

Seven financial mistakes to avoid in a separation or divorce

Avoid costly mistakes when you’re going through a separation or divorce by following these seven tips.

Read about these seven tips

Nine ways an advisor can help you save and invest

Make financial decisions so you can save and invest your money with more confidence.

How an advisor can help you

Five things you should know as a business owner in Canada

Help your business succeed by making well-informed decisions guided by advice from a professional advisor.

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Don’t be afraid to look outside the family business

Help your family business thrive with valuable advice from a professional advisor.

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When head office is a home office

Get professional advice from a qualified financial advisor.

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Start smart with your small business

Set your new business up for success by making the right decisions from the beginning with professional advice.

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Glossary of acronyms

See an acronym and not sure what it stands for? Review acronyms.

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How Financial Stress Impacts Mental Health in the Workplace

Financial stress affects mental health which impacts employees and employers. A holistic approach can help reduce stress and its impact on business.

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Financial Confidence Helps Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Financial wellness and investment confidence are directly correlated. Promoting financial confidence can increase overall wellness and productivity.

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How helping employees manage personal debt can impact productivity

Helping employees effectively manage debt can help reduce financial stress and increase workplace productivity.

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Financial and physical health helps build greater workplace resilience

A holistic approach that promotes both physical and financial health may result in improved productivity and overall workplace wellness.

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How Financial Health Can Impact the Prevalence of Chronic Conditions In The Workplace

An approach that embraces both financial or physical health can impact chronic conditions and drug plan costs.

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Holistic retirement readiness involves health and financial wellness

A wellness approach that embraces financial wellness alongside physical and mental well-being, can help contribute to a happier and healthier workplace.

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How to build an emergency fund

Are you prepared for an unexpected expense? Here are six tips to help you build an emergency fund.

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How financial wellness impacts engagement and productivity

Research shows that employee financial wellness can have a direct impact on workplace engagement and productivity.

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Financial Stigma

Stigma surrounding money issues is a barrier many find daunting - how can employers help employees make this important leap?

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