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Understanding the impact of employee health and financial wellness

Your company's success depends on the engagement and productivity of your employees. Our latest research helps employers of all sizes broaden their understanding of the connections between an employee's overall health, financial wellness and productivity.

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Manulife/Ipsos Reid Health and Wealth study – 2015
Make the connection between health, financial wellness and engagement for a more productive workplace.

Introduction to our approach
Understand the impact of employee health and wealth on your business success.

White paper, Manulife Financial Wellness Study – 2015 benchmark
Increase your knowledge on employee financial wellness and its impact on Canadian businesses.

Latest Perspectives on Health & Financial Wellness

How financial wellness impacts engagement and productivity

Research shows that employee financial wellness can have a direct impact on workplace engagement and productivity.

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Financial Stigma

Stigma surrounding money issues is a barrier many find daunting - how can employers help employees make this important leap?

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How Financial Stress Impacts Mental Health in the Workplace

Financial stress affects mental health which impacts employees and employers. A holistic approach can help reduce stress and its impact on business.

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Financial Confidence Helps Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Financial wellness and investment confidence are directly correlated. Promoting financial confidence can increase overall wellness and productivity.

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Financial and physical health helps build greater workplace resilience

A holistic approach that promotes both physical and financial health may result in improved productivity and overall workplace wellness.

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How helping employees manage personal debt can impact productivity

Helping employees effectively manage debt can help reduce financial stress and increase workplace productivity.

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How Financial Health Can Impact the Prevalence of Chronic Conditions In The Workplace

An approach that embraces both financial or physical health can impact chronic conditions and drug plan costs.

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Holistic retirement readiness involves health and financial wellness

A wellness approach that embraces financial wellness alongside physical and mental well-being, can help contribute to a happier and healthier workplace.

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