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Your Sponsor Manulife ID is a new, secure ID to help simplify your everyday. It replaces your old sign-in credentials with new ones: one username and one password. Use your new Sponsor Manulife ID to sign in to and manage your group plans online.

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Speak to your Manulife representative to update your group retirement plan details. You can also contact one of our regional offices.

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Find industry news and updates, including legislative notices, to help you manage your group retirement plan.

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If you’re an active plan sponsor:

  1. Sign in to the secure site
  2. Click “Reporting”
  3. Click “Request a report”
  4. Select the report you need
  5. Go back to “Reporting” and click “View report results”, select the applicable report

If you’re not an active plan sponsor, call 1-888-713-7788.

Note that withdrawal and contribution reports include a financial activity report summarizing total withdrawals or contributions within a specific period. If you need more detailed information, call 1-888-713-7788.

To request forfeiture reports, call 1-888-713-7788.

To find terminated employee reports:

  1. Sign in to the secure site
  2. Click “Member terminations”
  3. Click “Review member terminations”

In general, we mail or email plan sponsor statements once a month. For more information, call 1-888-713-7788.