Ontario Pension Services Portal (PSP)

Effective January 1, 2023

Ontario Pension Services Portal (PSP)

Starting January 1, 2023, FSRA will move to mandatory use of the Pension Services Portal (PSP) for the following applications:

  • Filing extensions
  • Re-filing request
  • Amendments
  • DC Wind Up
  • Contact change requests
  • Request to file a SIPP amendment or restated SIPP
  • Biennial Member Waivers
  • Wind up interim payment
  • Plan viewing/ photocopy request
  • PBGF refund request
  • Letters of Credit
  • Annuity discharge
  • Refund of excess contributions – revocation exemption (RCE)
  • Commuted value section 19
  • DB refund of overpayment to employer
  • SOMEPP – Notice
  • SOMEPP – Election
  • DB refund of member contributions
  • DC refund of member contributions
  • Undertakings
  • DB Windup Full
  • DB surplus refund full windup
  • DC surplus refund full windup
  • Windup Notice
  • Amendment – Early Retirement Window
  • Amendment – Conversion.

Note: Only Pension Plan Administrators who have correctly activated their PSP accounts, and individuals who have been delegated access by the Pension Plan Administrator, may log into the PSP using the Primary Administrator account.

If you want to have more details on the PSP filings, the following documents are available on the FSRA Website: Instructions for using the PSP and FAQs for accessing/delegating access. Learn how to activate your account; upload plan documents; file extension requests.