Looking for an invoice? They’re online!

No need to sift through filing cabinets or ask for reprints! You now have easy access to your last 12 months of invoices (including your most recent invoice) on your sponsor secure site. This will make administration of your plan easier, with simpler record-keeping and reconciliation.

Where to find them

  • Sign in to your sponsor secure site and click on the new menu item on the left: CHARGE INVOICES.
  • You’ll see a list of your last 12 months of invoices, which you can sort by different fields. You’ll also see your total balance.
  • Click on an invoice number to view the itemized invoice, which you can download, email or print if you wish.

Your charge invoice will be available online as soon as it’s generated. If you normally get a monthly invoice, you’ll see a new invoice online every month, up to the last 12 months.

What about paper?

Paper invoices aren’t going away just yet. For now, you’ll keep getting your invoices on paper as well as online. Take the opportunity to check out the convenience of online charge invoices.

Questions? Contact your Manulife representative.