A one-of-a-kind program for a one-of-a-kind retirement

Retirement Redefined is a free service for members aged 50+ that helps them prepare for the lifestyle they want in retirement – with the finances, health and well-being to enjoy it. How?

  1. With a holistic digital retirement planning platform, employees create a personalized goal-based retirement vision focused on their interests and needs. Combined with our exclusive online content, calculators, tips and tools, they will design a custom, flexible action plan to get them to their big day.
  2. With access to a team of life licensed Retirement Counselors, employees are never alone. They are always a call or email away and happy to ensure employees have the support they need to achieve their retirement goals.

See how we make this solution come to life.

Let us help you empower your employees to make the most of their after-work years with Retirement Redefined. Contact your Manulife Representative today to get started.