Retirement Redefined: We’re putting all our financial wellness resources at your employees’ fingertips.

At Manulife, putting employees at the heart of everything we do is more than just talk. As part of our push to offer the best member experience possible, we’ve enhanced our current financial wellness offering.

Now, your employees have easy access to Retirement Redefined through the member site. This is a guided digital experience to help employees prepare for all aspects of retirement – money, health, and lifestyle – so that they can retire with confidence. They will still find helpful content relevant to their situation:

  • Lifestyle planning – ideas and inspiration so they can design how they want to spend their retirement
  • Financial planning – help with budgeting for today and projected into their retirement
  • Health planning – information and tips on managing their health as they prepare for retirement
  • Wellness planning – ways to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual wellness
  • Retirement readiness – no-cost support from a team of financial experts

What improvements can you expect?

  • Employees will get easy access to Retirement Redefined. All they need to do is sign in to the member site and engage with the materials. No more need for employees to register separately.
  • Retirement Redefined is now available to all your employees, regardless of their age.

Please note: Member data that was previously stored will not be transferred.

This is the first step we’re taking in the evolution of Retirement Redefined. Now that it’s part of our member site, it gives us a great opportunity to continue to improve and better meet the needs of your employees.

Here’s how you and your employees benefit.

With the addition of Retirement Redefined, the member site is now a one-stop-shop for employees to access information about their group retirement plan, one-on-one support from our financial experts, and learning resources like the Financial Wellness Assessment.

With more financial wellness resources at their fingertips, your employees have the help they need to plan for the life they want to lead in retirement. They’ll know what steps they need to take to prepare for it and find tips to make the whole process of preparing for a comfortable retirement easier than ever. And knowing what steps to take to feel financially well will enable your employees to be more engaged with their work and help your clients’ business thrive, which makes it a win-win for everyone.

We’re thrilled to be making Retirement Redefined easier than ever to access, and hope your employees’ financial wellness thrives.

For any questions, please reach out to your Manulife representative.