Member withdrawals are going fully digital

November 2, 2023

Members have been discovering that making withdrawals online is easy, convenient, and secure. This is why we’re taking another step towards making this experience fully digital, and reducing the use of print forms.

Going forward, we’ll no longer be making the generic withdrawal form available in the Find a form section on Instead, your members who want to make a withdrawal from their account will be encouraged to use the digital option through their secure member site if their plan allows for withdrawals.

Members wishing to print a form will still be able to find it on their secure site, or call our contact centre for support.

There are many advantages for your members to use the digital option for withdrawals instead of the generic form. Online requests are:

  • Convenient—the withdrawal process is specific to your plan, so it complies with your plan rules and some of the information is already filled out.
  • Fast—requests are easy to complete, and are processed more quickly.
  • Secure—members can do everything through their secure site.

Members who want to make a withdrawal quickly and easily only need to sign in to their secure site at