Manulife ID is coming soon to the Manulife Mobile App

Since the October launch of Manulife ID, we’ve been seeing tremendous uptake in members signing up for their Manulife IDs and connecting their Group Retirement accounts. And we’re continuing to encourage active members to sign up and connect. Call centre inquiries about Manulife ID are decreasing and sign-ups are increasing — good signs that things are progressing well.

What’s next? Coming soon, Manulife ID will be available to use on the Manulife Mobile app!

Members could see this update on their app as early as late November, or throughout December. This means even members from the same household could get the update at different times, depending on what device they use. After their app is updated, the next time members open it, they’ll be prompted to use their Manulife ID.

Members can save time by setting up their Manulife ID in advance on desktop. Then once their app is updated, they can simply sign in with their Manulife ID username and password.

The Manulife Mobile app gives members simple, secure access to their accounts anytime, anywhere using their mobile devices. And through the app, members with Group Benefits plans can also access their plans and submit claims.