Manulife ID for members is coming - what you need to know

On July 19, we launched Manulife ID for advisors and sponsors. As part of the next phase of the Manulife ID launch for Group Retirement, we’re introducing Manulife ID for members soon. 

Manulife ID is a single, secure username and password for everything they have with us: accounts, investments, and products. It replaces their old usernames and passwords with one ID.

Members will need to set up their Manulife ID and connect all their accounts one time only.

After they’ve connected everything, they can switch easily between each of their Manulife accounts and get a clearer picture of their finances, including:

  • Manulife Bank
  • Manulife Investment Management
  • Manulife Securities
  • Manulife VitalityTM
    Vitality is a trademark of Vitality Group International, Inc., and is used by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and its affiliates under license.
  • Group Benefits

… and more will be added in the near future.

Important: If you’re also a plan member, you’ll need to set up a different Manulife ID (for members) from your Sponsor Manulife ID to access your personal Manulife products. Advisors who are also plan members will need to set up a similar, separate Manulife ID.

Action needed: Email security settings — We need your help to ensure members can create their Manulife IDs

If the member is setting up their Manulife ID at work or behind the corporate system, strong email security settings could filter out Manulife’s activation email before it can reach a member’s inbox.  That would stop the member from completing the set-up process.  To prevent this issue, be sure to check with your technical teams and reach out to your Manulife representative for more information.

Learn more …

We’re here to support members in this new process. How-to flyers, videos with step-by-step instructions, and FAQs will be available on the member support page to help them set up their ID and start managing their products and services.

You can find additional information about the member launch on the sponsor support page.