In May, we told you that Manulife Asset Management (MAM) is now Manulife Investment Management (MIM).

You’ll see fund and firm names updated to “MIM” in our fund pages and other materials by the end of the month.

For example, Manulife Asset Management Canadian Equity Index Fund becomes Manulife MIM Canadian Equity Index Fund. Manulife Canadian Bond Fund (MAM) becomes Manulife Canadian Bond Fund (MIM), and so on.

What else is changing?

We’re also changing these fund names to better align them to their underlying funds.

Fund name change
Code Old Fund Name New Fund Name
4133 / DDLLR Manulife Asset Management Long Duration Fixed Income Fund Manulife MIM Canadian Long Duration Fixed Income Fund
5441 / RMEFP Manulife MMF Monthly Income Fund Manulife MMF Fundamental Income Fund
7441 / DIVCD Manulife MMF Canadian Dividend Fund Manulife MMF Canadian Dividend Growth Fund
7442 / FPRDD Manulife MMF Dividend Income Fund Manulife MMF Fundamental Dividend Income Fund
8442 / AMFPS Manulife MMF Global Unconstrained Equity Fund (SLI) Manulife MMF Global Franchise Fund

The name changes do not impact the funds in any other way.

Questions? Contact your Manulife representative.