Investment platform updates

Recent updates on our investment platforms

We’ve added three BlackRock funds to the i-Watch platform, and two NEI funds are changing names and objectives.

Three new BlackRock funds

These are now available on the i-Watch platform, adding a complete family of passive funds from BlackRock:

  • (4323/MUNRB) Manulife BlackRock Canada Universe Bond Index Fund
  • (7322/FIEBR) Manulife BlackRock Canadian Equity Index Fund
  • (8323/BRUST) Manulife BlackRock U.S. Equity Index Fund (Taxable)

All three funds qualify for the Certified Diversified program.

NEI new names and objectives for two funds

NEI has changed the names and objectives of two funds to better reflect their new level of Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. ESG criteria help investors find companies with values that match their own.

NEI new names and objectives for two funds
Fund codes: 7973/JSMER (on i-Watch platform) 5121/BAETH (on the Consultant platform)
Old names: Manulife NEI Jantzi Social Index® Fund Manulife NEI Balanced RS Portfolio Fund
New names Manulife NEI ESG Canadian Enhanced Index Fund Manulife NEI Global Sustainable Balanced Fund
New objectives The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth through tracking the performance of a Canadian equity index which is focused on companies with an enhanced environmental, social and governance profile. The Fund aims to generate a combination of income and capital appreciation over the long-term by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income securities which fit within the Fund's definition of responsible investing.

If you hold these Funds in your plan you do not need to do anything. There is no impact on the number of units that your members hold in the Funds.

Questions? Contact your Manulife representative.