Introducing: It’s about time

Making it easy for you to help members focus on their savings, while you focus on your business

Our new member engagement program, It’s about time, packages our most meaningful and successful member communications, materials, and resources with fresh tactics and personalization that can help keep your program front and centre and top of mind.

It’s about time also makes it easy for you to encourage and engage with your program’s members, as well as stay on top of all our communications as we roll them out.

Why it’s important

Our recent Stress, finances, and well-being report showed us that together we’re uniquely positioned to help lower workers’ financial stress and increase their productivity—by offering a financial wellness program and connecting its members to trusted financial advice and resources.

How it’s different

We’re moving away from one-off campaigns designed to engage the majority and moving toward a coordinated, cohesive, and holistic experience. This experience is strengthened by personalized messaging based on data—so each member gets the information they need most, at the time that serves them best, from sources they can trust.

What makes it easy for you to get involved

To make it easy for you to support our campaigns and your members, we’ll be sharing quarterly advocacy campaigns—ready-to-use materials you can drop into your existing internal communication strategy. Our advocacy materials will complement our proactive messaging and help you become a motivating force in support of your members’ financial engagement, literacy, and well-being.

We’ve also designed a new program web page—an always-on resource you can use to view upcoming initiatives, preview member communications, and collect and use your advocacy materials.

Your members already have access to one of the smartest and easiest ways to save for their future—your group retirement program. With your help, It’s about time motivates them to make the most of it.

Contact your Manulife representative to learn more.