Helping members sign up for their online accounts with ease and confidence

We want to make our members’ lives easier. Our plan member site does just that – by letting members manage their group savings plans easily and securely, anytime. But first, they need to sign up!

So, to encourage new members to get online, we’ll be sending a couple of emails.

What are the emails about?

The first email will tell new members:

  • how to sign up for their online account
  • why they’ll love managing their savings online
    • secure, easy access 24/7
    • send documents, check plan statements, get tax slips, and more
  • how to set a savings goal

Then we’ll send a reminder or two if they haven’t signed up within a few weeks.

Once they’ve signed up for the site, we’ll send them one last email, giving them the next steps they should think about, so they can make the most of their program.

How do the emails help?

We want members to know it’s easy to sign up, and easy to stay connected to their savings. So they can feel supported and confident as they continue their journey towards financial wellness.

We’ll send the first emails in the coming months.