Can getting online, help you save more?

It’s true, when plan members connect to their plan online, they are more likely to save. Digital members save 2.7 times more in assets, on average, than members who aren’t online 1. Check out how going digital makes it easier to save.

What do plan members get online?

When plan members sign in to their Manulife account, they can track their savings, view their statements and more. And, with Manulife Mobile, plan members have quick, easy and secure access to help them stay connected on the go.

By signing in to the plan member site and downloading the app, they’ve got access to their accounts anytime, anywhere. That’ll make their lives easier, so let’s work together and get them online.

Why is this important?

Digital solutions can help encourage greater financial fitness and in turn, help plan members prepare for all of life’s moments. One of those moments is preparing for retirement. Saving today can help avoid becoming a statistic tomorrow.

Canadians within 10 years of retirement are supposed to be at their peak savings years, socking away money for retirement. But Shillington found the median value of retirement assets of Canadians age 55 to 64 is just over $3,000. 2

With access to their accounts right at their fingertips, plan members can stay connected and track their progress.