Fraud Prevention Month – Protect your employees and their money

March is Fraud Prevention Month, and we’ll be hosting a new ‘Internet scams – Protect yourself and your money’ webinar to help members get a better understanding of how to identify scams and protect themselves online.

Did you know that over 40% of Canadians have faced cybersecurity attacks since the beginning of the pandemic?1 With our new webinar, we hope to help protect you and your employees from falling victim to these types of attacks.

This new topic will be available throughout the month of March (and again during the remainder of the year).

You can see a list of all upcoming webinars until the end of April here. Additional webinars will be added as they become available for registration.

Promote the webinar to your employees

You can promote this webinar by downloading our Promote Fraud Prevention email template, or you can promote our full webinar series by using the email template and poster in the Educate your members section of the sponsor secure site. Go to the Financial Wellness tab and click on “Promote our live webinar series”. 

Have questions?

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