Discover how our updated version of the Financial Wellness Assessment tool helps your employees improve their finances

Financial well-being is an important part of life. The Financial Wellness Assessment is a key tool to help you gain insight into financial health. It not only provides information on your employees’ current financial position, but it also highlights the financial areas where employees may want to pay more attention to be on firmer financial footing. 

We've updated and refreshed the tool to give your employees an even better experience and make it easier for them to take positive steps to help improve their finances. 

Here are some of the recent enhancements we've made to the Financial Wellness Assessment tool to benefit your employees:

New look: We've refreshed our Manulife logo for a contemporary look that's now in alignment with all Manulife materials.

More relevant data: We've updated the average Financial Wellness Score for all users on the "results" page and on the downloadable PDF. This gives employees an up-to-date snapshot of the average score to help them assess their own financial situation. The current average score is based on all user data from the previous 12 months. This update provides users with a more current and relevant benchmark. 

Change to the "About You" page: To make our tools more inclusive, we've removed "gender" from the "About You" page, in recognition that gender is non-binary. This is part of a larger, company-wide initiative to enhance the users' experience in their every interaction with Manulife. 

Unified access to learning resources: Your employees can now enjoy a consistent user experience across the Financial Wellness Assessment site—where they can access a wide assortment of materials in our Learning Centre (formerly the "Full Resource Library")—through their member website. The Learning Centre contains a full suite of financial wellness resources, including materials covering retirement readiness, lifestyle, health, and general wellness. 

How your employees benefit

The Financial Wellness Assessment tool is a popular and easy-to-use way for your employees to gain insights into their current financial situation. This tool can be the first step in highlighting which areas of financial life may need a bit more attention and care. It's also a portal to all the insightful learning resources we offer to help improve your employees' financial and personal lives. That's why Manulife is committed to continually updating our Financial Wellness Assessment tools and resources to help your employees achieve—and maintain—financial wellness. The new version now offers the most up-to-date resources and tools to give them the best experience possible.

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