Stronger Minds by BEACON®

November 2, 2021

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

Taking Virtual Care of Your Mind

The coronavirus pandemic isn’t only posing a threat to our physical health – the stress of illness and social isolation can significantly affect our mental well-being too. Luckily, there are services you can access to care for your mental health, even while practicing physical distancing. 

Stronger Minds by BEACON®

Stronger Minds is an online tool available to all Canadians. It’s designed to provide you access the resources you need to support you during the pandemic. Stronger Minds is tailored to offer guidance that specifically addresses negative feelings caused by the coronavirus crisis.  

This online tool provides videos and written resources from mental health experts, activities and games developed to build resilience. These resources are designed to help with: 

  • Managing worry, fear and stress 

  • Adopting a positive and hopeful outlook 

  • Overcoming feelings of loneliness and isolation 

  • Performing routines, parenting, self-motivating, and getting better sleep 

If you’re concerned about your emotional well-being, Stronger Minds offers tools, resources and professional counselling to help during these difficult times. 

Manulife Supports Stronger Minds 

We recognize that Stronger Minds is an essential service that all Canadians deserve access to. That’s why Manulife is proud to sponsor Stronger Minds, which will help increase access to better virtual care for all Canadians. 


For more information please visit the Stronger Minds by BEACON® page.

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