Smart pill bottle pilot

An advanced solution for closer follow-ups and intervention

February 9, 2022

For business owners, plan administrators, and sponsors

We’re excited to announce a first-to-market pilot that uses smart pill bottle technology to improve the way plan members take their medications. Plan members enrolled in Manulife’s Specialty Drug Care Program through Bayshore® HealthCare, and are taking a pre-selected medication for Multiple Sclerosis, qualify to join the pilot.

The Pillsy® Smart Cap tracks if a member opens and closes their bottle to take a dose of medication. If a member forgets to take their medication, the Pillsy Cap will send automated reminders, such as beeping and blinking and text message alerts. It also sends reliable information to a Bayshore nurse case manager who can identify and help prevent any potential drug-related issues.

Improper medication use is a very common issue. The pilot will help us to identify if a smart pill bottle technology, combined with the nurse case manager intervention can promote proper medication use, lead to better health outcomes and reduce medication waste. We will also collect feedback and insights from the plan members’ experiences.

Please contact your Manulife representative for more details.

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