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June 8, 2023

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Getting braces is painful enough, so getting reimbursed on a dental claim shouldn’t be.

Back in November 2022, Waneta Usher and her husband Sean knew it was time to get their 15-year-old daughter Kira orthodontic work when her baby tooth began fusing to her jaw. 

“We were very blessed that Sean’s company has benefits that cover orthodontic work,” said Waneta.

To proceed with the dental work, Sean and Waneta paid the clinic $5,000 up front with their credit card. Sean then submitted an online claim for reimbursement, but when doing so, unknowingly entered the wrong transit bank number. This small error resulted in big consequences.

The family was just about to give up hope until Jason, a Manulife customer care representative, took action. Jason heard how stressful and impactful this one tiny error has been on this family of five, and so he worked hard to find a solution. From the moment the case crossed his desk, Jason never wavered and always made himself available for the family.

“I ensured every question they had was answered, every suggestion passed on and every single avenue for a successful outcome was examined,” said Jason.

“He kept the communication going, which we appreciated,” Waneta said.

Jason spoke extensively with his leaders, who helped resolve the issue so Manulife could reimburse the Usher family.

“I felt obligated to do everything in my power to get the outcome this family needed,” said Jason.

“By Jason going above and beyond, it made it possible for our other two kids to get orthodontic treatment and continue to get dental care. That is a huge thing for our family,” shared Waneta. “For some families, $5,000 isn’t a lot, but for a family of three kids, it is.”

As a broker, Waneta understands the importance of client satisfaction and how much it matters to individuals. She shared her story with her financial firm, which is a close-knit group who understands the importance of customer care and working together to find solutions. 

“People don’t often go above and beyond – we’re trying to have more of that in the industry,” shared Waneta. “It may seem like one small thing, but it was life changing for my family.”

The testimonials mentioned in the article are provided by a Manulife customer.

The opinions expressed in this post are those of Waneta Usher and do not necessarily represent the views of Manulife.

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